2017 Winter Season

End of Season Party

Mar 16, 2017


Inline vs.Ice: Will Inline Hockey Hurt Your Game?

A popular question for ice hockey players is “Will Inline Hockey Hurt my Game?

The short answer is no, inline hockey will not ruin your game—in fact, it may help it. » read more

Inline Hockey vs Ice Hockey

While in essence both sports are essentially based on the same principles and “goals”, let’s explain the practical differences between the sport of hockey as played on ice skates and on inline skates. Aside from the obvious, ice hockey is played on an ice surface and inline hockey (aka “roller hockey”) is played on a smooth surface (both rinks) at room temperature, there are many differences. » read more

Roll out!

It’s Spring! And with Spring comes Playoff hockey, sundresses, and the start of rollerhockey season. Opening day of 2011 season saw 110 teams and over 1600 players registered with the VIHL. » read more

Choosing The Right Wheels

Hey Guys,

So I just wanted to say sorry for the fact that I’ve taken so long to finally make my first post. I’ve been taking my time to figure out what would be an appropriate topic to talk about.

A little while ago I was playing in a drop in and broke one of my wheels and realized hey “wheels’” can be my topic. » read more

The 1st Blogger!

Hey everyone!!

So this my first post on the VIHL blog, very exciting stuff. I don’t have anything to talk about at the very moment just that I look forward to actually talking about some things on here very soon. Quick run down about me in case any of you are wondering. My name is Andrew and I play on the ZOMGbies in Chrome I and for the Cherry Poppers in Nickel I. Some of you may already know who I am some of you won’t but I’m sure eventually we’ll cross paths at some point. Anyways stay tuned everyone for my actual first post.


Season End Party and Award Winners

The season end party is tonight at Cinema Public House on Granville St in Vancouver starting at 7:30pm

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Stat Correction Format

All statistic corrections are only to be submitted to statistics@vihl.net by the Team Rep or Captain. All requests will be changed at end of the week – Sunday.

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League Meeting – March 30

There will be a league meeting on Wednesday, March 30 at 7:30pm (until approx 9pm) at the upstairs meeting room (beside the bar) at 8 rinks in Burnaby

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